Start date: 01 October 2013
End date: 31 December 2015

November 2013

  • Kick off meeting in Brussels (first project team meeting)
  • Contact Advisory Board members
  • Appointment of an external evaluator

November / December 2013

  • Preparation of the surveys for QA agencies in Europe, in the Gulf region and in Asia
  • Preparation of the survey for European cross-border higher education providers
  • Launch of the project website

April 2014

  • Consultation of the Advisory Board and external evaluator on the surveys
  • Development of a guide of content for country reports

May 2014

  • Send out the surveys
  • Collection of the responses to the surveys
  • Quality assurance agency partners start working on their country reports

June 2014

  • Analysis of the surveys by the respective partners

September 2014

  • Finalisation of the country reports and case of good practices

November 2014

  • European Expert Forum in London
  • Second project team meeting in London
  • Gulf Regional Seminar in Bahrain

January 2015

  • Asia-Pacific Regional Seminar in Macau

March 2015

  • Preparation of the Toolkit for QAAs and HEIs
  • Elaboration of common principles

March/April 2015

  • Submission of the project interim report to the European Commission

May 2015

  • Preparation of the Comprehensive Final Report

August 2015

  • Preparation of the format for the pilot testing

September 2015

  • Finalisation and delivery of the toolkit and common criteria

October 2015

  • Finalisation and publication of the Comprehensive Final Report
  • Finalisation of the format of the pilot testing

November 2015

  • Final Conference in Paris

December 2015

  • Third and last Project Group meeting
  • Second and last Steering Group meeting

March 2016

  • Submission of the project final report to the European Commission